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( 2005年7月4日开始实施) 

1、 符合以下条件的学生可以每周工作最多20小时

a)  所学课程需要实习的学生

b)  所学课程可以获得技术移民学历分数的学生

c)  获得家长及学校书面许可的高中12及13年级学生

d)  在读六个月以上语言课程,雅思5.0以上的学生(有条件限制)

2、 所学课程在一年以上的学生暑假期间可全职工作

3、 所学课程属于短缺职业类别或研究生课程的学生的配偶或伴侣可以申请无条件工作签证

4、 所学课程可以获得技术移民学历加分的国际留学生在成功完成专业学习后可申请为期六个月的为毕业生寻找工作而颁发的工作许可,但申请必须在相关签证到期后三个月内递交。获得工作签证的学生可以在此期间寻找相关工作。 成功获得与学历相关的工作担保后, 即可以申请为期两年的工作签证或直接申请技术移民.


Eligible students can work up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year, rather than 15 hours a week.

Students undertaking a course of 12 months or more may work full-time over the summer holidays.

Students in years 12 and 13, and eligible English language students may work up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year.

International students who have graduated from a course in New Zealand that would gain points under the Skilled Migrant Category, may apply for a six month open work permit.

Expanded group of students who may apply for a two year post-study work permit to obtain practical work experience relevant to their qualification.

Eligible students’ partners may apply for a work permit, valid for the duration of the study course. Partners of students studying in areas of absolute skill shortage and partners of all postgraduate students will be able to apply for an open work permit valid for the duration of the student's course of study.

Edited 07/2005
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