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莫那什大学是澳洲最著名的大学, 2005年世界排名33, 是海外留学生最青睐的留学校园; 而其所在的城市墨尔本, 也是国际学生最向往的留学城市.
莫那什大学设有独一无二的Dip Part 1 and Dip Part 2课程, 每年有多次开课.
Monash University, as one of the largest university in Australia, is leading the way with its international focus, ground-breaking research and academic excellence.
Monash University was named after General Sir John Monash, a man who pursued knowledge for its own sake, with an eye to its application. As a scholar and a man of action, he exemplified the university’s motto Ancora Imparw- “I am still learning”.
莫那什大学以约翰 莫那什爵士的名字命名,约翰 莫那什爵士是追求知识及其应用的人.作为学者和履行者,他例证了大学的座右铭 Ancora Imparw - ‘我仍在学习’
The first Monash students enrolled in 1961 when there were five faculties on one campus. Today, Monash has 10 faculties, six campuses in Australia, two campuses offshore and a total enrolment of more that 50,000 students.
第一批莫那什大学生于1961注册,当时只有一个校区,五个院系. 今天莫那什有十个院系,在澳大利亚有六个校区,海外有两个校区,有在校学生超过5万.
In addition to traditional university degrees, Monash also offers English language courses, foundation programs and diplomas.
A message from Monash International's CEO
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Monash University and to Australia and offer my best wishes for your success.
You now have the opportunity to make your own contribution to Monash University’s proud academic tradition and our dynamic university community. For many of you, coming to Monash will also mark your first visit to Australia. A variety of experiences await you and it’s quite natural to face them with a blend or both excitement and anxiety.
Your challenge is to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Today, Monash has the largest international student population of any university in Australia, with more that 14,000 students from more than 100 countries. In addition, we have campuses outside Australia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and South Africa, centres in London, UK and Prato, Italy and a well established network of research partnerships and other working associations all over the world.
As part if a multicultural student population, you will have the chance to develop your knowledge and understanding of new cultures, and to view your own culture through the eyes of others. Your years at Monash will be both challenging and rewarding. For any student, the process of successfully adapting to the rigous and pressures of university life can be difficult and can take some time. In many cases, you will also have to come to terms with a new cultural environment. While academic success will be your main focus, make the most of the other opportunities for personal development, growth and success. Participation in other aspects of university life, whether it is theatre, politics, social action or sporting pursuits, will undoubtedly enrich the quality of your education.
The staff at the Monash international office on your campus are always there to help you. They are able to immediately refer you to the appropriate support service if the need arises.
Passport to Monash will become an important reference for you while you propare for your arrival to Australia and Monash. Make sure you carry it with you and refer to it regularly once you have arrived.
Also, if you have any difficulties while in Australia, please do not hestate to call our FREE 24-hour telephone servise, Monash Intercall. The number is 1800 679 012 and it is a FREE CALL from anywhere in Australia.
当你在澳大利亚遇到困难时,请勿犹豫,拨打我们的24小时免费热线,号码是1800 679 012,在澳大利亚任何地方可以免费拨打这个电话。
Finally on behalf of Monash International, I wish you all the best during your time at Monash University.
Anthony J Pollock
Chief Executive Office
Monash International Pty Ltd
Vice President International
Monash University
(Edited 05/2005)
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