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留学生并不是故意不申报,违反法律。他们没有申报的原因是因为他们的英文水平有限,无法正确的填写入境卡和担心澳洲当局会没收他们的现金。若被澳洲联邦警察局和海关拘留会给留学生带来不便和麻烦。如果留学生不随身携带现金作为学费和生活费, 或者是按要求向海关申报, 就会免去这些麻烦。

Every year, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Customs Service (Customs) handle a large number of incidents where international students entering Australia are detected carrying in excess of AUS$10,000 cash which they have failed to declare on their incoming passenger cards. It is an offence against section 15 of the Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988 to bring AUS$10,000 or more cash (comprising any currency) into Australia without declaring it to Customs. This offence is punishable by up to two years imprisonment.
Students apprehended under this provision have rarely failed to declare the cash with the intention of breaking the law. Reasons they give for not declaring the currency frequently include a failure to understand English (and hence complete the Incoming Passenger Card) and a fear that Australian authorities will take the monies from them. Detention by AFP and/or Customs officials can cause great distress, inconvenience and embarrassment to the student. This can be avoided by the student not carrying tuition fees and living expenses with them in cash, or declaring the cash to Customs as required.
When travelling to Australia, please be aware that if you are carrying a total of AUS$10,000 or more in cash of any currency, you must declare the money on your Incoming Passenger Card and when questioned by Australian Customs officials upon arrival. A failure to declare this money may result in the money being taken and you being arrested and prosecuted. It is not an offence to bring this money into Australian. The offence is not declaring the money.

Edited 03/06/2005
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