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找工作, Interview 面试技巧

The employment interview remains the key step in the process of achieving your career ambition.
These suggestions may help you perform confidently and effectively when you meet your prospective employer.
Preparation for the interview:-
Is the essential step toward a successful interview.  It is important to:-
Know the exact time and location of the interview, the correct pronunciation of the  interviewer’s full name and title.
Plan on arriving 5 minutes early before your scheduled interview.
Find out specific facts about the company.  The internet is a very helpful place to source this information from:-
Where are they located?
What is the company’s mission statement?
What are the company’s products and/or services?
What has the company’s growth been?
Who are the company’s competitors?
Reflect back on your past and/or present employer/s as you will be expected to know about a company for which you have previously worked.
Prepare questions you will ask the interviewer.  Remember that an interview is all about communication and information needs to flow.  The employer will try to determine through questioning if you have the specific attributes needs for the specific position.  Likewise you must determine through questioning whether the potential employer will provide the opportunity for growth and development you are seeking.  The interviewer will be impressed by your articulation and intelligent, clearly thought out questions.
Probing questions you may consider:-
                                          Can you please give me a detailed description of the position?
                                          Why has the position become available?
                                          What is the culture of the company?
                                          What induction and/or training is there?
                                          What plans has the company for further development?
                                          Which are the best selling products and/or services?
Interview Techniques:-
During your interview you will be assessed for your strengths and weaknesses/ areas for development.  You will also be evaluated on your personal characteristics such as attitude, aptitude, stability, motivation and maturity.  The employer will be evaluating your total performance during your interview. 
Things to show evidence of during the interview:-
An interested and balanced approach
An ability to express thoughts clearly
Career planning and objectives
Confidence and enthusiasm
Informative, well thought out replies
Tact, maturity and courtesy
Eye Contact
A positive handshake
Preparation and knowledge of the company/ industry
Some helpful Do’s and Don’ts concerning the interview:-
DO plan to arrive on time or 5 minutes early
DO fill out any application forms neatly and completely.  If you have a curriculum
      vitae, be sure that the person who does the hiring
DO greet the interviewer by his/her name
DO shake hands firmly
DO wait until you are offered a seat to sit down.  Sit upright in your seat and be
       an astute listener as well as a fluent speaker
DO maintain eye contact
DO smile
DO follow the interviewer’s leads. Try to obtain a full description of the position
      and duties it incorporates at an early stage so that you can relay your
      appropriate background and skills accordingly
DO always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the job you are
      discussing.  Never close the door on an opportunity.  It is better to be in a
      position where you can choose from a number of offers.
DO make sure that your points get across to the interviewer in a factual and
      sincere manner.  Bear in mind that you alone can sell yourself to an
      interviewer.  Make the interviewer realize the need for you in their
DON’T answer questions with a simple yes or no.  Explain wherever possible.
DON’T lie.  Answer questions honestly
DON’T ever make derogatory remarks about your present or former employers
DON’T enquire about salary, holidays, bonuses etc at the initial interview.  You
             should however, know your market value and be prepared to specify
             your required salary range
Closing the interview:-
If you are interested in the position, ask what the next stage is.  If the interviewer
offers you the position and you want it, accept it.  If you wish for some time to think it over, be courteous and tactful in asking for that time. Set a definite date on when you can provide an answer
Don’t be too discouraged if no definite offer is made or specific salary is discussed.
If you get the impression that the interview is not going very well, don’t let your discouragement show.
Thank the interviewer for their time and consideration of your application.
After the interview:-
Call your consultant at as soon after the interview as possible to explain your thoughts and feelings as to the success of the interview.

* Selected from <Cover Staff> 08/2005
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