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NZIS Bank Loan Scheme

2005年1月, 中信实业银行加入新西兰移民局的留学贷款计划,同年8月, 中国银行也同意加入,详情如下.
Why is the NZIS introducing this new scheme? 推出留学贷款的目的?
The aim of the Student Bank Loan Scheme is to facilitate easier processing of Student Visa applications from Chinese people who want to go to New Zealand to study. The scheme will make it easier for applicants or their parents to prove their financial ability to support the applicant throughout their intended stay in NZ.
推出留学贷款的目的是, 方便中国公民赴新西兰的留学签证申请. 此贷款项目适用于, 计划在新西兰学习超过12个月的中国申请人. 留学贷款, 为申请人提供了一种新的证明其经济能力的途径, 同时使签证申请更加便捷.
What is the advantage of this new scheme?
When processing Student Visa applications, the NZIS considers 'history of funds'. Evidence of this history is sometimes difficult for applicants to prove and a time consuming aspect of processing for NZIS. If a bank loan is used as financial evidence, then students do not need to provide any other bank documentation when they apply for a visa. The scheme will make it easier for applicants to prove their financial ability and for NZIS to process applications.
Does this mean that you will not require all the other financial documents?
If a bank loan is used as evidence of an applicant’s ability to finance their study in NZ, then they do not need to provide any other bank documentation when they apply for a visa. However please note that the NZIS reserves the right to request any further documentation they deem necessary when processing the application.
Who can apply for a bank loan? 谁有资格申请留学贷款?
Any applicant anywhere from mainland China can choose to utilize the bank loan scheme to prove their financial ability to support themselves throughout the intended duration of study in New Zealand.
中国大陆的申请人都可以使用留学贷款, 来证明他们有能力支付, 在新西兰期间的留学 & 生活费用

Which Immigration offices accept bank loans? 哪个办公室接受留学贷款?
  • The Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing branches of the NZIS will accept CITIC Industrial Bank (CIB) student bank loans as evidence of the student’s financial ability.
Other visa types and other NZIS branches are beyond the scope of this agreement
·        新西兰移民局驻香港、上海和北京办公室, 接受中信实业银行和中国银行的留学贷款
·        留学贷款不适用于其他签证类型和新西兰移民局其他各处的办公室

Where can you apply for a bank loan?
At this stage this service will be provided from the following main city banks of CIB only:
Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Dalian, Qingdao, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Chongqing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
北京, 天津, 石家庄, 沈阳, 大连, 青岛, 济南, 郑州, 西安, 武汉, 成都, 昆明, 重庆, 上海, 南京, 苏州, 常州, 无锡, 杭州, 宁波, 广州, 深圳
How much should a Student Visa applicant borrow? 贷款金额是多少?
People intending to undertake a degree or other tertiary course should take out a loan of RMB300,000. Other applicants, such as students who wish to study English, plus foundation study, plus a diploma or degree course should take out a loan of between RMB500,000 and RMB600,000. Most applicants will require loans of at least RMB500,000–600,000.
贷款金额的多少取决于学生的学习计划以及申请人家庭的经济状况. 如果申请人使用留学贷款作为唯一的资金证明,我们建议申请人申请30万元人民币的贷款如果他们直接学习学位课程或其他高等教育课程。对于其他申请人来说,例如想学习英语,再加上预科课程和文凭或学位课程的学生,可以申请的贷款金额为50-60万元人民币。

What should I do if my planned studies in New Zealand do not require a minimum amount of RMB300,000?
Students are still welcome to use their own funds as evidence of their ability to support themselves financially, especially when they plan to undertake short-term study or they are applying for a course with a duration less than three years.

What is the duration of the bank loan?
Three years is the minimum requirement. Parents or applicants can choose the duration – from three years to six years.
What are the requirements forrepayment of the bank loan? 还款要求?
Repayments can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Early repayment of the loan is allowed, but only when the student has completed or ceased their intended study. The applicant must apply to the NZIS branch that issued the visa for a certificate confirming this. They then take this certificate to the bank to arrange early repayment. CIB will only allow early repayment once they have confirmed with the NZIS that the applicant has ceased studying in New Zealand.

最低为人民币300,000, 最高600,000人民币

How does the loan system work?
Step 1: Applicants (or their parents) should apply for a loan to CITIC Industrial Bank (CIB) directly. CIB have a special application form for this. These forms are available from CIB or from our China-based immigration branches: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. CIB prefer people who already have deposits at the bank, but are willing to offer this service to people who transfer their deposits to CIB. CIB can also agree to the issuing of a loan upon proof of sufficient collateral, as per CIB bank policies.
Step 2: CIB then considers the application for a loan. CIB require deposits in the bank to be frozen and to be at least 10 percent larger than the loan amount required. These deposits will incur interest. Or, as stated above, CIB can agree to the issuing of a loan upon proof of sufficient collateral as per CIB bank policies.
Step 3: If the loan is approved, CIB will then issue an 'Advice for Study Loan Abroad' document to the applicant or their parents. It is noted that if deposits are already held with the bank, an 'Advice for Study Loan Abroad' document can be issued at the time the application is made.
Step 4: The applicant then lodges their visa application at the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) together with their 'Advice for Study Loan Abroad' document.
Step 5: The NZIS processes the application (which may include verification of the 'Advice for Study Loan Abroad' document) and if satisfied (together with all other requirements) will notify the applicant that they have been approved-in-principle.
Step 6: The applicant takes this notification to the bank and completes a special application form to activate the loan. CIB will then issue a 'Certificate of Credibility - Personal Loan for Study Abroad' document, showing that the loan has been activated. NOTE: If the application is declined or withdrawn, a letter will be given to the applicant and they can use this to inform the bank that they no longer require the loan.
Step 7: The applicant submits this document, together with any other approval-in-principle requirements to the NZIS, who then finalises the application. NOTE: The original loan document will be kept on file by NZIS, unless any special circumstances are presented.
Step 8: If the applicant completes their study in New Zealand before the duration of their loan, they contact the NZIS to get a letter saying that they have completed their study. NZIS will then issue a letter which the applicant then takes to CIB to release their funds.
The following flowchart explains the operational procedures for the use of bank loan.
NOTE 1: NZIS Branches will still require evidence of the parent’s employment and earnings.
NOTE 2: Bank loans do not mean that the application will be automatically approved.
        注意:如撤签或拒签, 新西兰移民局会书面通知申请人申请结果。申请人应在3天之内持此通知书告知银行他们不再需要贷款。
第八步:仅适用于中国银行留学贷款申请人 - 申请人需要向中国银行出示新西兰移民局出具的签证批准信,护照和学生签证原件,才可以获得贷款。
第九步: 如果申请人在贷款期结束前已完成其在新西兰的学业,他们可以联系新西兰移民局出具一份证明其已结束学业的证明信。新西兰移民局签发该信后,申请人可以凭此信要求中信实业银行或中国银行解冻他们的资金。
Edited 07/03/2005
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